Terms of Service

SSL Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

CIRRUSSERV by KGV Consulting Corp., provide SSL certificates through SingleHop – GlobalSign discounted SSL certificates. Discounted or free certificates are issued by GlobalSign via SingleHop are for use on the SingleHop network only and are not for resale to third parties.

Customers who use GlobalSign certificates agree to abide by the SingleHop Master Services Agreement as well as the GlobalSign Subscriber Agreement (found here: https://www.globalsign.com/en/repository/subscriber-agreement/) at all times.

Certificates issued to customers that are found to have violated these terms, and the CIRRUSSERV by KGV Consulting Corp. and the SingleHop Master Services Agreement, or the GlobalSign Subscriber Agreement may be revoked at SingleHop’s discretion. Please contact your CIRRUSSERV by KGV Consulting Corp. representative for more information.

This file was last modified on January 26, 2019.