Database Hosting Solutions by CIRRUSSERV®

Introducing CIRRUSSERV® - Unparalleled Hosting Solutions by KGV Consulting Corp.

When you're looking for hosting services for your database application, we believe it's important to look for one that focuses on performance and the actual hosting environment, not just the lowest price. There is a big difference. Dedicated database hosting services will be the underlying infrastructure for your online business. You need a dedicated database hosting provider that understands the mission-critical nature of your business.


Our servers do what they are designed to do: serve data. No email traffic, no resource draining third party software, just a clean un-cluttered environment to serve your data to your customers.
As your needs grow so can the environment for your database application. We always have the right storage solution for your budget, capacity and performance needs, no matter how they evolve. We build our servers for database applications only. Beefed up processing power, fast hard drives and lots of memory. Our 70% capacity rule limits account activations per server and balances the server resources for peak performance.


Server software updates are designed, managed and implemented so they won't affect the underlying code base or location of your database application. Security starts with protecting the integrity of your data and guarding against service interruptions. Data is managed in the United States, in Military Class Facilities, Physical and Biometric Security Layers, 24x7 CCTV Monitoring, SSAE 16 (and formally SAS 70) Compliant Facilities, Dual Power Grids. Built upon a hardened, purpose-built operating system for security services, our dedicated firewall appliances provide the highest level of security for your application, around the clock monitoring. Although our servers are built with raided drives and protected properly from the start, we still monitor equipment for issues. Incoming ports for security threats and action, if needed, is immediate.


We've got disaster recovery covered with daily backup services for both data and database. We also offer dedicated nightly backup for your files only. We've helped simplify the complexity of HIPAA's technological requirements by building a compliance-ready infrastructure that is effective and fast to deploy. Select your data center to get started. With the option of support by phone and by support ticket, your complete satisfaction is our sole ambition—anything less is unacceptable.