Custom Build Hosting Solutions by CIRRUSSERV®

Introducing CIRRUSSERV® - Unparalleled Hosting Solutions by KGV Consulting Corp.

We recognize that technology alone does not provide outstanding products and services. Smart, innovative, empowered people hold the keys to success for our company and our clients.
Our technology sets us apart. We design and build our own servers to ensure they are the best available for your needs. We also benefit from a nationwide fiber network and run our own custom Linux kernel. In short, we provide you with leading technology to help you grow your business online.

Use our dedicated servers alongside cloud servers in a natively hybrid environment. Build applications and workloads out of the most appropriate, best-for-use-case basis and not on the constrictions of your infrastructure. You can customize anything and everything, mix and match, and more.

We understand the need for HIPAA and PCI compliance. When dealing with patient information, being HIPAA compliant is not a luxury. You must protect your patients and reduce your risk. Our team is also experienced in engineering secure, PCI-DSS compliant systems for storing and processing customer payment information.

We pride ourselves on our ability to think big and deliver the best.