Public Cloud Server Hosting by CIRRUSSERV®

Introducing CIRRUSSERV® - Unparalleled Hosting Solutions by KGV Consulting Corp.

Our public cloud servers offer a powerful blend of dependability, scalability, and ease-of-use in an enterprise-class VMware-based computing environment. Featuring native high availability, redundant SAN-based cloud storage, and best-in-class hardware and software choices, our public cloud is an ideal environment to host your business applications, websites, or workflows.


Our Public Cloud offers a unique multi-tenant environment where scaling resources is as easy as dragging a slider across the screen. Our unique Enterprise Private Clouds allow you to control your resources, control access and operate with complete privacy.


Deploy as many or as few resources as you need. Write auto-scaling rules to automatically increase resources as needed. Add a load balancer when your traffic spikes. For us, flexibility is a key ingredient. And that means offering a wide range of services that can be easily added to any Cloud Server. Save Time! Save Money!


With enterprise-class virtualization with built in high availability, CIRRUSSERV®'s Cloud Computing platform offers the best combination of flexibility, scalability and ease-of-use. This means you can run a wide-range of operating systems, scale resources indefinitely as needed and rest assured that if something happens to your Cloud Server, it will automatically and instantly failover to another node.


If your Cloud Server crashes for any reason, it will automatically failover to another node in the Cirrusserv’s Cloud. This failover takes seconds, is initiated instantly and is very often entirely transparent to end-users. This is possible because of the fast, redundant SAN-based Cloud Storage that is leveraged by the CIRRUSSERV®’s Cloud.


You can automatically balance load across Cloud Servers to make sure that your application is always available whenever you need it.

We pride ourselves on our ability to think big and deliver the best.
  • Business
  • With basic features
  • $67.99
  • + Show features
    • VS 1 vCore 2.4 Ghz
    • RAM 1 GB
    • Storage 25 GB(SAN)
    • Bandwith 1 TB
    • OS Centos 5 BASE
    • And a lot more
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  • Advanced
  • With awesome features
  • $393.99
  • + Show features
    • VS 6 vCore 2.4 Ghz
    • RAM 16 GB
    • Storage 100 GB(SAN)
    • Bandwith 1 TB
    • OS Centos 5 BASE
    • And a lot more
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