Introducing CIRRUSSERV® - Unparalleled Hosting Solutions by KGV Consulting Corp.
We recognize that technology alone does not provide outstanding products and services. Smart, innovative, empowered people hold the keys to success for our company and our clients.
Our technology sets us apart. We design and build our own servers to ensure that they are the best available for your needs. We also benefit from a nationwide fiber network and run our own custom Linux kernel. In short, we provide you with leading technology to help you grow your business online.

We pride ourselves on our ability to think big and deliver the best.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide outstanding services for the best possible price. To achieve these goals, we are constantly innovating and upgrading our services at no additional cost to our customers.

Our product suite includes:
Domain Registration; Web and Email Hosting; SSL Certificates;
Database, VOIP - PBX, Dedicate, Cloud (VPS) based Servers Hosting;
Custom Managed Server Hosting - tailored by customer needs and budget;
eCommerce Hosting and Website Design,
which enables our customers to cater to the entire Web Presence market!

CIRRUSSERV® empowers its customers by seeking to provide the BEST products and services in the market through a combination of innovative cutting edge technology implementation and fantastic support. With a long history in research, we continue to invest our energies in developing state-of-the-art systems and interfaces for the long-term benefit of our customers.
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